Our Team.

Julia is a founder, CEO, and a curriculum developer of the Kids in Design' program. She has received her undergraduate and graduate degree in architecture from Tulane University, and a law degree from Vanderbilt University.

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Julia Gorodetsky

Zhiyu You

Zhiyu is an award-winning illustrator and visual artist born in China and based in New York. She has graduated the School of Visual Arts. 

Combining painting techniques and digital drawing, Zhiyu's vocabulary is developed from her Chinese heritage. Her work depicts the unique situations of women and minorities. 

Maria received her architectural education in Russia and in Europe. She is a working artist, designer, and educator. 

Thuy-Dung holds a Bachelor of Design from the University of Nebraska and has extensive experience as interior designer.

Sarah is a painter and textile artist. She has an MFA in Fine Arts degree at the School of Visual Arts.