KIDS  IN DESIGN is a unique curriculum for kids, based on the principles of Design Thinking strategies.

It is an open ended approach that connects architecture and urban design to other disciplines and allows us to introduce children to such different subjects as math, geometry, architecture, design, geography, climate, history, as well as a variety of cultural and social issues. The class fosters the ability to recognize complex patterns and creatively solve challenging problems.

We introduce children to the basics of urban planning and architectural design. Among other subjects, we discuss:

  • The fundamentals of geometry;

  • Social studies in the context of urban planning;

  • Basics of structural engineering;

  • How to build using recycled materials;

  • How to create and read maps;

  • What makes the cities work and not work;

  • What are public places and monuments;

  • How to create a successful neighborhood;

  • What are the organizing principles of public transportation;

  • A variety of different architectural forms and how they fit within a city.


Each class foster the ability to speak in public and present to others, as each child is encouraged to introduce his or her work assignment to the rest of the class.


Julia Gorodetsky is the creator of a unique architecture and urban design curriculum for children, which offers a hands-on experience and understanding of the complex urban design and architectural concepts.

She holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in architecture from Tulane University, and worked for years with a world renowned architect Santiago Calatrava on a new Path station for NYC.



Sheryl  is an award winning architect, writer and academic. She has over twenty-five years of teaching experience at The University of California at Berkley, Tulane University and the University of Houston.  Her design work has been recognized with awards from the American Institute of Architects and the American Collegiate Schools of Architecture.  She was recognized for her significant contributions to the award winning public art project, Project Row Houses, with the Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence. Her research focuses on the intersection of art, architecture, place and culture and her writing has been published in numerous books and journals including Third Text, (Routledge P),  Center: Volume 15, Divinity, Creativity and Complexity (University of Texas P),  Sites of Memory (Princeton Architectural P), Places Magazine and Space Unveiled: Invisible Cultures in the Design Studio (Routledge P) and she is a regular contributor to Cite Magazine (Rice Design Alliance).  Her research has been funded  by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts among many others.